Laura (LT) Tour Leader

Laura is a bundle of energy - always funny, bubbly and smiling. She would be able to run a marathon and still have energy left over for a karaoke song.

Most of what Laura does comes from her love of people. During university years she helped people from abroad get accustomed to Lithuanian culture and country as a volunteer, she has been a day camp leader as well as a sales rep and has a bachelors in public relations. It’s all about communication and getting to know new ideas and perspectives (pssst…Though hopefully this will be irrelevant in the context of tours, Laura also has a masters in disaster management).

In her free time you can find Laura either enjoying company of her friends, playing volleyball singing and playing guitar or hanging out in beautiful places in the Lithuanian nature.

On her tours Laura will show you sights you cannot find in brochures or travel guides, all of this adventure is if course accompanied by learning how to sing along to local folk songs under Laura’s expert guidance.

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Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor

"Best way to travel from Riga to Vilnius!"

We had a private bus tour from Riga to Vilnius and we are really glad that we did it in this way, otherwise it would be impossible to have visited so many places in one day if we had done it by public transportation. It was so much easier when travelling with kids and big luggages. And we learned so much about the history of the Baltic countries (especially Lithuania!). Laura is a wonderful guide, very knowledgeable, helpful, funny with great personality! Would highly recommend this tour to anyone who travel through the Baltic countries!

"Best way to get between the cities, totaly worth 12 hours of your time! "

I hate getting frustrated and in general that's why I put my expectations so low about everything. When I saw a 12 hours tour stuck with strangers I thought: man, that's going to be either a total crap or a exhausting experience. My thoughts were wrong, that was an AMAZING experience! And I would say, the success was solely thanks to our guide driver: Laura was is her name (make sure you get the pronunciation correct mate). But to give you a brief explanation about my day: When she first spoke at like 7:50 AM (so full of energy), I was hangover, with a headache after a big night out with drinks, I thought: This is going to be a DISASTER! But what I thought was going power my irritability (her endless energy) was the biggest blessing of the day. It was by her energy that the trip turned out to be one of the ones I will never forget! She really turned around the wheel and showed the amazing sights between Riga, Vilnius and everything in between with the honesty and passion that only a truly wonderful local would be able to do. If "Traveler Tours" have chosen her to be their driver, trust me and my partner who was with me, they know what they are doing! Be aware readers, to change my mood (I'm such a grumpy person) it's one achievement that It's really rare. I still follow her on insta just to get a glimpse of the amazing places she visits and the endless energy that she emanates. Make sure you get Laura as your driver, but if you don't I'm sure it will be an amazing experience anyway. Also, think about it: the alternative is a bleak cold buss, that goes from city to city bypassing everything in between. I could be telling you about the places I've visited (that you would not visit if you chose the cold and bleak buss). Places that are so unearthly (like the Hill of Crosses) that I would not be able to put down in words. Or I could tell you about the castles, that are stunning (but mostly rebuilt from after war), but I could never explain the memories and the passions built in the stories that our driver did. Thank you so much Laura! <3 Bottom line: If you came to read the reviews it's probably because you are unsure if it's worth your time&money. I've already given you the answer so: there are LIMITED spots, don't waste your time, just book it. By the time you read this might be none left, sorry. To the lonely travelers: best opportunity to make friends!!!

"Best way to travel from Vilnius to Riga!"

I loved this day trip going from Vilnius to Riga. We had a small group, so it was very personable and our tour guide, Laura, was amazing. The stops we made were really the best places between Vilnius and Riga, and at each one we had a little time to check things out. Yes, you may want to spend more time at Trakai, or Kaunas, but because I knew our time was limited we went to these places the day before. We spent our time at Rundale exploring the gardens, if we had more time I suppose we would've checked out the interior too. Truly, the best part of the trip was our guide/driver, Laura, her knowledge and fun attitude kept us all laughing and learning the entire trip. I would definitely recommend this as the best way to travel from Vilnius to Riga!!


This is a great tour to travel from Riga to Vilnius as we saw many important attractions along the way. It's a great way to meet other travellers from all over the world as we had 5 nationalities among the 8 of us! Laura was lots of fun to be with and was very kind to have dropped us off at our lodging. Highly recommend this tour.

"It is the highlight of our trip! "

I am glad that such a wonderful idea with one way travel is created by this company. The itinerary is well planned that covered most of the interesting sites, like the round Palace and the hill of the crosses, the Trakai castle island and Kaunas. All in one day! You save a lot of time and money. The guide, Laura, is very professional and full of enthusiastic in telling us about the history background of the sites. We had a great time and good weather. I really recommend this tour to everyone! It worth the money!

"Would Definitely Recommend!"

I had never done anything like this before so it was a really interesting experience! I would definitely recommend it as a way of travelling between two cities as long as you have the time. As for the tour itself, our guide was very enthusiastic and informative and each of the sights were unique and played an important part in the history of Lithuania and Latvia, which was great to hear and learn about.

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