Anna (LV) Tour Leader

Anna is a true wanderer, if we imagine day trip guide, this is what we think of - calm, collected and relaxed, effortlessly finishes the tour on the dot and happy after a day of nature and sightseeing.

After a stint at university studying Pharmacy, she realized neither the subject nor being indoors is for her, so she moved to the Netherlands for a while to figure things out.

Anna has spent a considerable time of her life in water - Anna started kayaking at 10, won a bunch of medals and trophies for it and when all of that got boring, volunteered at an NGO that likes to bring people outside and create unique team building activities. Her vast experience in different NGOs has teached her to solve last minute challenges and make very efficient plans. She just started an NGO of her own in Latvia, too.

When she is not doing tours or kayaking, she organizes training courses on entrepreneurship, goes on walks with her dog or on roadtrips with her friends. One of her biggest accomplishments on these adventures has been hitchhiking a boat.

On her tours, get ready to admire at the calm Baltic nature, take a lot of small coffee breaks and see Anna being randomly excited about random objects on the way.

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Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor

"A day trip with Anna"

Well, i must say that Anna was a fabulous guide and knew how to communicate with the group, and as a lady she turned out to be an excellent driver, so we all arrived in Vilnius in one piece! . Usually i get nervous with female drivers as i bought my wife a new car 3 years ago and not yet brave enough to let her drive me around (Haha). A pity the Trakia stop was not included but realise that it was probably a good decision as the next day i spent 4 hours wandering around the peninsula. A pity that there is no option to visit the interior of Rundale Palace, but again there probably would not be enough time. The tour gave us a good idea of the four places where we stopped, and i particularly enjoyed the Hill of Crosses, leaving a cross there for my wife. The restaurant stop was in the middle of nowhere, might have been better to have lunch in the town so people had a choice. However i rally enjoyed my choice, shashlik chicken followed by apple pie and ice cream. The price seemed very reasonable for such a nice restaurant. I tried to book the Tallinn- Riga tour but unfortunately there were not enough people who signed up for it, a pity!

"The effective way to travel from Tallin to Riga"

The trip will have 8 persons in maximum in a big van. You can bring your big luggage together. Along the way you can visit an interesting place that it is difficult to visit by own (if you don’t drive) Guide is very friendly and she provides a good information on each place.

"Wonderful Tallin-Riga"

Nice alternative to taking boring regular bus trip. Best thing about the trip was our driver/guide Anna. Her knowledge and enthusiasm about the land and history she was taking us through was informative and inspiring.

"History filled and personal tour"

Our tour guides, but especially Anna, were amazing!! Ana talked about so much culture and history about Estonia and Latvia that spanned 100 years to present day. She covered, sports, customs, hobbies, the world wars, independence, music and dancing and not a single moment of it was boring! She spoke with so much knowledge and pride in her country and both countries trials and triumphs. It was an unexpectedly good tour that really allowed me to get more out of what I was seeing. And to use a company like this is really the best way to travel because you are still seeing and experiencing while repositioning yourself. I will definitely be on the lookout for more tours like this while I visit other countries in Europe. And all the little places we visited and the food were all phenomenal. I enjoyed it all and both towns are beautiful.

"Amazing road trip: Vilnius - Riga"

We are a family of four, 2 adults and 2 children, and when planning our Baltic trip, were initially looking at all options of getting from Vilnius to Riga (via a flight, train, bus and renting a car). By chance, we saw this tour bus option with Traveller Tours and booked it. It provides an opportunity to see some awesome sights along the way and before we knew it, we had reached our destination. The company uses an 8 seater vehicle which was spacious, new and comfortable. Our tour guide/driver, Anna, was knowledgable, great company and patient - all in all amazing!

"LOVE the guides! "

A last minute decision to skip a plane and enjoy a drive between Riga and Vilnius. SO glad we did. Our guides (Anna and Kimmie - we were lucky to have both) were both incredibly well informed, funny, classy AND they loved the 80s. For young people in their early 20s they rocked our era en route between stops. Speaking of which - each stop was very well guided, with thoughtful comments and suggestions along the way. Very grateful we chose this option - thanks so much!

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