Anna (LV) Tour Leader

Anna is a true wanderer, if we imagine day trip guide, this is what we think of - calm, collected and relaxed, effortlessly finishes the tour on the dot and happy after a day of nature and sightseeing.

After a stint at university studying Pharmacy, she realized neither the subject nor being indoors is for her, so she moved to the Netherlands for a while to figure things out.

Anna has spent a considerable time of her life in water - Anna started kayaking at 10, won a bunch of medals and trophies for it and when all of that got boring, volunteered at an NGO that likes to bring people outside and create unique team building activities. Her vast experience in different NGOs has teached her to solve last minute challenges and make very efficient plans. She just started an NGO of her own in Latvia, too.

When she is not doing tours or kayaking, she organizes training courses on entrepreneurship, goes on walks with her dog or on roadtrips with her friends. One of her biggest accomplishments on these adventures has been hitchhiking a boat.

On her tours, get ready to admire at the calm Baltic nature, take a lot of small coffee breaks and see Anna being randomly excited about random objects on the way.

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What people say about Anna (LV)

Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor

"Exactly what I hoped it would be"

I wanted to see a bit more of the Baltic states, while travelling between the capitals. This was the perfect way to do that. The guide gave interesting background information and we had cool stops along the way. Also the place where we could have lunch was very tasty.

"What a way to travel. "

So much more enjoyable than sitting in a bus or train and watching the sights go by without stopping. We had an awesome time traveling from Tallinn to Riga. Each stop was the perfect amount of time to get out and stretch our legs, see some awesome sights, and learn more about Estonia and Latvia. Food was great at lunch and Anna was an amazing guide!

"Informative, scenic and well managed."

Anna was welcoming, warm and clear. The long tour had a good balance of traveling, walking, history and explanation. The meal stop was memorable. We learned a huge amount about Latvia and Estonia during the day.

"Great tour and wonderful guide"

The tour was great. The group was small, only 4 people so we had the opportunity to get to know each other and we had a lot of fun. The guide Anna was super nice and explained everything with a big smile on her face.

"Awesome "

Great guide. Awesome experience.

"What a wonderful experience"

We truly enjoyed our trip tour from Riga to Tallinn. Anna was our guide. She's very knowledgeable, easygoing and caring person. The trip was filled with fun, joy and excitement. Highly recommended to take this trip and learn the history behind all the places while it is still there and experience beautiful countryside.

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