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Marju is an overly enthusiastic (in a good way) historian. We typecast - most of our guides are overly enthusiastic historians. She has studied in both Estonia as well as Great Britain.

Marju worked at the Museum of Architecture and as a barista before joining our company. She has also spent some time volunteering in France where she informed people of the good side of the EU - considering how the French elections went, her endeavor was a success.

She loves to travel and every penny saved goes into the world exploration fund - currently she is obsessed with anything Spanish and dreams of mastering her salsa skills and living in Central America.

One of her life goals is adopting a dog (or three). This is hindered by living in a rental flat so she passes time in her dogless rental by reviewing films for a local business newspaper (we also did not know the most popular business newspaper in Estonia also publishes film reviews).

On Marju’’s tours you can expect a lot of interesting stories about Estonian history as you should from a history buff.

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What people say about Marju

Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor

"Tallin-to-Riga Roadtrip extrordinaire"

I'd heartily recommend the bus tour from Talliinn to Riga. The bus left right on time and the whole thing was executed very professionally. Marju, our tour guide, was knowledgeable and provided the group with interesting information about Tallinn, Riga, and points in between. She also was willing to answer any questions. We stopped at a very nice restaurant for lunch - meal was excellent. The stops at the various towns on the way were fun and informative - though I think the bobsled track could be eliminated from the tour. Recommended!

"A full immersion in nature and history"

The guide was very prepared and made us enjoy our tour! My advice is: do it because it's worth it!

"Cool coast"

Was a Great Tour with cool and top guide Marju and helps fromSigrid as we had to Drive in two Cars as a big Group! Russland Food was great. Helpfulminformation and a lot of History with Scenic coast interestings and surprising Spots ! Thanks for this experience!


A little bit expensive but it’s worth it! There are a lot of stops and every place of the tour is amazing.

"One day in Lahemaa national park "

Wonderful day in the national park. We were lucky with the weather so we had the chance to enjoy even more this great experience. The guide was amazing. Very nice and funny taking time to share with us her knowledges of Estonia. I truly recommend this visit outside Tallinn. It gives the possibility to discover more this beautiful country

"A great itinerary, enhanced by a fine day with blue sky, and an intelligent and good guide"

Marju took us on a tour of Haapsalu and West Coast. The weather was beautiful with blue sky and a brisk wind (Wrap off warm against the wind!) First stop was the rail station with abandoned Soviet trains, which was a reminder of the control and grandiose of the past, as well as the Soviet regime. We saw some lovely landscape at the North West of Estonia, and a picture postcard town of Haapsalu. There were some interesting medieval forts and ruins with ghost stories (The White Lady!) too. Marju took us to a fabulous cafe in Haapsalu for lunch. Here we were served the dish of the day and the loveliest cheesecake by a patient and friendly lady manager. We liked this tour - it was enhanced by Marju's personal experience of the Soviet, and her passion and interest in the state of the country and the EU. We thank you for a great Estonia experience!

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