Kert Senior Tour Guide

Kert has studied history like most of the staff of Traveller Tours. He is a philosopher stuck in thought at one second who can turn into a humorist and a showman with the blink of an eye.

He is an experienced alpine skier and a used to do acting as a hobby. He has even won a prize for mimicking a former Estonian prime minister (yeah, we give out prizes for that). Kert also likes to think of himself as a semi-professional crowd-surfer and stage-diver who is willing to travel abroad to see his favourite bands play. He actually plans on becoming a teacher one day.

Kert's vast work experience includes but is not limited to working as a journalist, archeologist, lifeguard, organ builder's assistant and a carpenter. He also only claims to need one match to set up a bonfire, coincidentally, that's how many matches he has on Tinder.

Kert's tours are a one-man stand-up show that will never cease to amaze - historic facts fixed with satire and improv will sum up to a great day out.

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Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor

"Beautiful Winter Experience"

Our group was only made of four people incl. our guide. Kert is a jung very openminded guy. He had a lot of information and knew perfectly how to entertain our little group. The weather was just great. The sun was shining and we had warm temperatures. The melting waterfall, the hike through the wetlands and having a look to that quirky museum at the beach was just wonderful. I absolutely recommend you to do that tour!

"Great way to see Estonia "

We had a great day with Kert and especially enjoyed the abandoned town, which looked great in the snow! It's a long day but there's plenty to see and it's an excellent way to see a bit more of the country outside Tallinn. Kert was a nice guy and a great driver too!

"The wild northeast of Estonia"

Great solo tour with Kert to the northeast of Estonia. A fascinating day of history both ancient and recent in a beautiful part of Europe. So much to see and do in a land of contrasts. Expect your preconceptions to be challenged, and enjoy a fun day out. Kert is an exceptional guide - knowledgeable, witty, accommodating and fun.

"Fun way to transit "

Stopped by a few otherwise would have been cumbersome to see spots along the way. Viljanda and Cesis were my favourite!!

"Friendly driver Kert.. "

Friendly, good food on the way., pleasant journey 🎉

"Great trip!"

Great way of getting from Tallinn to Riga, really enjoyed seeing the countryside and especially the mini hike in the national park. Kert was lovely, full of fascinating information and very friendly, he made every effort to let us take nice photos en route. Excellent food at the lunch stop! Thank you

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