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Kert has studied history like most of the staff of Traveller Tours. He is a philosopher stuck in thought at one second who can turn into a humorist and a showman with the blink of an eye.

He is an experienced alpine skier and a used to do acting as a hobby. He has even won a prize for mimicking a former Estonian prime minister (yeah, we give out prizes for that). Kert also likes to think of himself as a semi-professional crowd-surfer and stage-diver who is willing to travel abroad to see his favourite bands play. He actually plans on becoming a teacher one day.

Kert's vast work experience includes but is not limited to working as a journalist, archeologist, lifeguard, organ builder's assistant and a carpenter. He also only claims to need one match to set up a bonfire, coincidentally, that's how many matches he has on Tinder.

Kert's tours are a one-man stand-up show that will never cease to amaze - historic facts fixed with satire and improv will sum up to a great day out.

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Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor

"Get Out! "

A wonderful adventure to the national park and surrounding areas and a fantastic way to enjoy Estonia outside of Tallinn. Kert was great and his sharing of Estonian history and culture was the perfect complement to a day out-of-doors. The bog walk was incredible and highly recommended. Once I saw the sundews, I was hooked (although I was hooked already)!

"Great walk through the bog and shorter walk along the coast"

This was a nice day tour, with as highlights the walk through the Viru bog and the walk along the coast. We also visited the Kolga manor, which is falling apart, although some repairs have been done, and shows the opulence of the Baltic Germans in the 19th century. In the forest before the bog, and part of the bog, and along the coast we did walk through a cloud of mosquitos, so bring stron mosquito repellent.

"Highlight of my Visit to Estonia"

This tour was the best part of my visit to beautiful Estonia. Our marvelous guide was fantastic, knowledgeable, and kind. He was willing to answer a lot of questions about his country. The best. Anyone who wants to see Estonia outside of Tallinn must go on this tour!

"Terrific Trip with Traveller Estonia "

Super day trip from Tallinn to the delightful Lahemaa National Park - there is a lot packed into the day but the trip never felt rushed. Lunch stop was in a super traditional Estonian restaurant which I would never have found myself. We were accompanied on the trip by two guides in training who were enthusiastic and good company. Kert was knowledgable and agreeable company also. I recommend you bring a good camera and, if you are a nature lover, then a pair of binoculars would be a good idea too. Definitely 5 Stars fro this trip for both content and value. Thank you!

"Day at the coast"

Lovely to venture beyond Tallinn to see a little of the Estonian Countryside and the west coast. We stopped at Nova Beach and Spitham Point - very pleasant. Saw Haspsalu castle and the railway station, but was disappointed we had no free time for a wander around Haapsalu on our own - especially as weather was beautiful.

"Amazing trip"

Last week, my family and I went on the Coastal Cliffs and Soviet Paldiski Tour. We very much appreciated the beautiful and varied scenery but also the different historical sites. Our tour guide, Kert, was amazing: his knowledge and passion for history was truely fascinating ! We all really loved this trip !

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