Karolis (LT) Certified Tour Guide

Karolis is our very own happy camper. He loves nature and spending time in it in good company. This makes him the perfect tour guide for our day trips.

He has studied Biology and Biodiversity. His studies made him aware and curious of everything around him - there are so many stories in the nature that usually remind stories untold: animal tracks, plants used by our ancestors. Karolis believes that our culture is shaped by the nature surrounding us.

Karolis is a fan of challenging himself - he has taken up a 7000km hitchhiking trip, sleeps in a tent if possible and spent weeks at sea to learn things about himself and his surroundings.

On his tours, Karolis will make sure you will find your own stories and connections to the places you visit, all of this spiced with some interesting details about nature and culture.

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Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor

"Spring beauty!"

The countryside in the spring was really beautiful with yellow canola fields, blue skies and storks flying above. I was wowed by the gardens at Rundle Palace. Not something that I expected to see in Latvia. I booked the tour to see the hill of crosses and was not disappointed. Our guide was really warm-hearted and funny. It was more about the experience and less about the detailed history. He was really good at making us all feel at ease and connecting with a bunch of strangers. I would have preferred to arrive in Vilnius a bit sooner and skip out on our last stop as we we all tired and hungry by 9pm with only big lunch in our tummies but no supper. Bring along a granola bar would be my recommendation. Overall, loved it and would recommend it!

"Amazing way to travel from Budapest to Vienna"

Very friendly guide who told us interesting stories, familiar atmosphere (small group), it was a perfect day. Recommended to everyone who wants to make the journey from Budapest to Vienna unforgetable.

"Best way to get from Prague to Vienna"

Great time and a perfect way to see the sights along the way when traveling from Prague to Vienna. Our guide was fun and engaging and my fellow travelers were great too. All in all, so much better than just taking the scheduled bus between cities.

"Great way to see sights"

Tour was relaxing fun and educational

"The best way to get from Munich to Prague"

The tour was really nice. I learnt a lot about the country and the culture. The tour guide was lovely.

"Best way to get to Berlin!"

This is the best Prague to Berlin tour on the market. Great stopovers at all the major sights along the way and a friendly guide to answer all the questions you ever had (and more). Highly recommend this tour!

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